Competency Testing
Made Easy

Are you looking for a simple, user-friendly, mobile experience for your healthcare professionals? UNA Test is the FIRST mobile platform in the healthcare staffing industry for administration of competency exams, skills checklists, and annual mandatories.

Competency Testing

  • Validated for pre-hire screening to assist in determining baseline competency.
  • User friendly - take it on any device - phone, tablet, laptop.
  • Targeted scenarios in tests allow an efficient, refined approach in determining competency.
  • Immediate results.
  • Meets Joint Commission standards for competency evaluation.

Skills Checklists

  • Are these mobile friendly too? Of course they are!  Choose your device and be ready for a smooth, painless process in completing a skills checklist.
  • Updated framework allows checklist to be completed in 50% less time than traditional competency/frequency checklists.
  • Meets Joint Commission standards for competency evaluation.
  • Immediate summary of competency

Educational Modules

  • Repetition is good, so you guessed it - mobile friendly!  Complete any time, anywhere, any device.
  • Library contains all regulatory topics required by hospitals, CDC, OSHA, etc.
  • Content can be accessed easily (no more .pdf downloads!)
  • Efficient testing of knowledge and immediate remediation available if needed.
  • Meets Joint Commission standards for competency evaluation.

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